Where Has Your Retirement Funds Gone To, and Who Are the Robber Barons??

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Where Have Your Retirement Funds Gone To and Who Are the Robber Barons??

Dec 30, 2022

Today’s show, the Maria Rekrut Radio Show,  is about the upcoming mother of all recessions in 2023, that no one is talking about.  Be sure to  join the conversation. The show is being produced Live, today, Friday, December 30, 2022 at 12 noon on https://rockmauritiusradio.com/

We’ll get input from Michael Burry, who called the 2008 recession.  The Retirement Rat Trap – Where have Your Funds Gone to?  The Rich Quick Gurus and the Truth Behind Them!

So many Robber Barons out there now.   Sam Bankman-Fried isn’t the only ones!!  There’s one hanging out in every corner and the more you look, the more you see them, lurking in the open and in the doorways.

Resources Used: 

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This SHOCKING Dept. of Labor rule affects YOUR retirement https://youtu.be/tAanBZ1AGTo via @YouTube

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