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Ontario integrity commissioner to launch investigation into Greenbelt decision https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/ontario-integrity-commissioner-to-launch-investigation-into-greenbelt-decision/ar-AA16uerm?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=062adaffab34451993fe9a0f72c1fb02&fbclid=IwAR3-_g6JxPJXrXLh0OOSqsDCkmEZUIGBDyST8daPH2SPT3HNbAS5yrm1nyI

Ontario Integrity Commissioner Launches Greenbelt Investigation


The Integrity Commissioner of Ontario will investigate a complaint against Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark and his decision to open the protected Greenbelt to build houses.

Incoming NDP leader Marit Stiles has asked the commissioner to look into what she calls “curious timing of recent purchases of Greenbelt land by powerful landowners with donor and political ties to the Ontario PC Party.”

Stiles pointed to media reports that some developers purchased that land over the past few years despite Clark and the premier previously publicly saying it wouldn’t be developed, two months before Clark announced he’d open the lands up.

Clark announced in November that the Ontario government will take away land from 15 different areas of the protected Greenbelt. However, it will add acres elsewhere so that 50,000 homes can be built. Stiles asked the integrity commissioner to investigate whether Clark violated ethics rules around making a public policy decision to further someone’s private interests. Clark and Premier Doug Ford have both denied that before the public announcement.

Ontario integrity commissioner launches Greenbelt investigation https://youtu.be/rHbp8RXKYqk via @YouTube

Ontario’s housing minister being investigated over Greenbelt development https://youtu.be/_xKwbjHNtxY via @YouTube

The Ontario government is under fire for plans to open up protected Greenbelt land for housing construction. Laurie Carr, chief of Hiawatha First Nation, says there has been no consultation with her people about land rights.

First Nation raises concerns amid Ontario Greenbelt controversy https://youtu.be/4JGDdAnty9Q via @YouTube

How thieves stole a Toronto condo in ‘total title fraud’, selling it for $970,000 |


It’s happened again. 2nd Toronto home listed for sale without homeowner’s knowledge https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/it-s-happened-again-2nd-toronto-home-listed-for-sale-without-homeowner-s-knowledge/ar-AA16fqKq?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=78eeb474e16648ab9f83022238ba416c

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