Keeping Financially Healthy During Covid-19 with Maria Rekrut

Keeping Financially Healthy During Covid-19 with Maria Rekrut on All Things Real Estate, July 02, 2020 at 8:00 pm EST.   Maria Rekrut is a long time real estate investor who has seen many ups and downs in the economy since 1982, when she started her first business and has always made “Lemonade out of Lemons”.

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Top 10 Reasons For Joining A Real Estate Club or Association!

Top 10 Reasons For Joining A Real Estate Club or Association!  Maria Rekrut

I have joined a number of Real Estate Investment Associations since 1987 and that was one of the best things I did for both myself and for my real estate investing company. It’s been my honour and pleasure to be a member of a number of REIA’s, and I’m also honoured to have been on a number of Boards of Directors for various investment clubs for a number of years.

Let me explain why I think every real estate investor, property owner, developer, other Association member, contractor and supplier should join Real Estate Investment Associations.

Whether you are interested in strengthening your investing network, educating yourself, furthering your real estate career or maybe just in need of a few more friends – professional networking organizations can be a great option for you.


In addition to providing information about your chosen field, professional organizations can enhance your personal and professional development and provide endless networking opportunities. Look around your community—there are bound to be a plethora of organizations (from small local start-ups to national chapters) for you to join.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons for Joining a Real Estate Investing Association
1. Broaden Your Knowledge: Associations offer courses, seminars and/or lectures to keep their members and the real estate community up to date on the latest industry innovations, certification, research and trends. Staying informed on your industry’s trends will only help you in the long run and will put you one step ahead of the competition.

2. Take Charge of Your Business: Take advantage of business resources, information and skills you may gain. Associations often have trade related information online or in print available only to their members. This is a great way to find targeted articles or up-to-date trade secrets related to real estate in your area of interest and in your area of investing.

3. Build a Better Resume: Associations offer many opportunities for members to volunteer to be on Boards and Committees. Being part of the Board of Directors or Committees will strengthen your business or negotiating skills. Listing your association membership on your resume is impressive to current or future employers, as it shows that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.

4. Enhance Your Network: We all know that networking is key for the movers and shakers of the community! Making connections is critical, and joining The Association you join will offer you countless opportunities to connect on a local and sometimes even global level. For most people, creating professional relationships is important, and joining a group allows you to have a sense of security and trust. From this, you are able to support and help one another in reaching your professional goals 5. Be a Leader: Professional associations give you an opportunity to develop your skills as a leader, and this is significant not only for your personal growth, but for your growth in your company or firm.

6. Become a Mentor: Giving back can be the greatest reward and benefit. Participating in forums, chat groups or discussion boards sponsored by an association is also a great way to grow your network. This allows you to use your peers as sounding boards and often make some great friends with the same interests as you.

7. Make a New Friend: Use professional networking groups as an opportunity to escape the norm and meet new people that may give you a reason to come out of your shell a bit more and have fun.

8. Give Back to the Community: There are plenty of organizations that coordinate socially conscious initiatives to support community efforts. Associations have a number of Charitable events throughout the year, and they are always looking for volunteers to spearhead their Charitable events and even come up with some new ideas. There are sure to be plenty of options for you to choose from if you are looking to give back. Many REIA’s have been known to volunteer for Habitat For Humanity Projects.

9. Strength In Numbers: We live in a day and age where establishing a presence in any given career field often demands working long hours in the office and bringing work home when the doors close. At the end of the day, you may have ideas for cultivating partnerships, yet not feel up to shouldering all the responsibility to organize them.

In a real estate investment club organization, you have access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done. The battle is half-won!

10. Stay Inspired and Stay Motivated: Learn to love what you do! You may not even know that you love something, but it’s important to be proactive about things you discover on the journey. Join a local or international Real Estate Investing Association and discover something new TODAY!

For more information, about the Canadian and International Real Estate Investors Association call 437-600-6860 or email


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We Need To Change The Landlord & Tenant Board Rulings

We Need To Change The Landlord & Tenant Board Rulings – Maria Rekrut

Calling All Landlords, Landowners and Real Estate Investors

We need to change the Landlord and Tenant Boards. Landlords & Investors need our voices heard by the people who are making decisions about our properties. These people are not landlords or real estate investors nor have they suffered through going to a hearing, nor have they had to pay for repair and damages that “Unhappy tenants” felt it was their right to do, and we can’t collect for damages!!

I’m asking all the landlords, landowners and real estate investors and real estate professionals, lawyers, paralegals, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers and banks to please send out this letter and let our voices be heard!!


The Maria Rekrut Radio Shows

Send out a copy of this letter to your local board or minster:

Dear [PUT LOCAL POLITICIANS NAME ( mayors, and councillors) NAME HERE]:

I am writing you as a small landlord and member of the 15,000 strong groups of landlords, of the Canadian Real Estate Investors Association, and our Sister Associations from across Canada, the USA and the World, who look to each other for assistance in navigating the difficult and complicated residential tenancy laws.

We are millions of landlords, landowners and real estate investors in the world and up until now we haven’t been heard or listened to. We need to change how the Landlord and Tenant Boards conducts business, and we need to have their files made public.

The quasi-judicial agency overseeing rental housing in ________________, the Landlord and Tenant Board (‘LTB’), is broken. The heavy load at the provincial Board combined with the automatic right of appeal of a Board decision to the courts routinely delays justice. The inconsistency of decisions by adjudicators at the Landlord and Tenant Board is shocking.

Most of their mistakes come from the lack of common sense, the overly strict interpretation of the wording of the statute without giving regard to the purpose of the statute or the real substance of the disputes.

The appellate body, the Divisional Court, almost always fixes the problem with common sense decisions, but that’s a slow and VERY expensive process that most landlords can’t afford. Glaring drafting errors and oversights have not been fixed through statutory amendment.

More than once, the Divisional Court has suggested that the Tribunal and the government get its act together and fix the issues.

Over the last two decades, the appellate courts have made a number of decisions modifying the generally accepted interpretation of the law. For instance, a recent appellate decision has confirmed that lease-breaking parties are legal, negating the purpose of lease term as a benefit to the landlord.

Serious confusion now exists between the jurisdiction of the Landlord and Tenant Board and the Small Claims Court with regard to utilities as well as for damage or rent owed after a tenant has moved out. The issue of a landlord’s claims for damages that are legal in nature, not physical damage where something could be repaired or replaced, is also a grey area in terms of the LTB’s jurisdiction.

The government has further shifted the balance, discouraging small landlords and driving us out of the business of creating housing, much of it affordable through basement second suites. The government and non-profit agencies practically beg landlords to rent out units despite the terrible risk landlords take and the unattractive rental environment the government has created.

The Affordable Housing Act, and the recently passed Promoting Affordable Housing Act, 2016 which promote exclusionary zoning are honest efforts to create more accessory suites and affordable housing. But it won’t work and landlords won’t open up their homes until some risk is mitigated, the playing field levelled and the confusion eliminated.

The LTB’s Rules of Practice need amendment related to serving notices of entry. Email is not allowed, yet fax is permitted.

Currently, a landlord with a home in one city and a rental in another city wanting to change a furnace filter on the weekend, would have to drive from one city to another on Thursday or Friday to serve a notice of entry, return home, and then make the trip again on the weekend to change the furnace filter.

In a day and age when most faxing is done via email and e-fax, it is ludicrous that the RTA Rules permit service of notices of entry to tenants by fax and not by email. Our tenants generally do not have fax machines, and they all have email.

We urge you to re-consider the elimination of the s.6 exemption on rent increases. Those of us who are investors in condominiums will have no choice but to charge higher rents to mitigate the risk of increasing condominium fees or special assessments which cannot be recovered. Above Guideline Increases can not recover costs incurred through these types of aggregated expenses.

I am asking specifically for eight changes to the Residential Tenancies Act that would assist landlords, restore some balance and create efficiencies:

1. Reconsider the proposed elimination of some guidelines’ exemption. (This will differ in every state and province and country)

2. Streamline the LTB process to have matters resolved more quickly, ensuring that rent is paid into the Board by the tenant if disputes are protracted.

3. Fix the confusion currently existing between the Small Claims Court and the LTB regarding jurisdiction for utilities and post-occupation claims at Small Claims Court for damage and rent.

4. Amend the RTA provisions regarding “damage” to make it clear that the LTB is the forum for legal, monetary damages, not just physical damage, arising in the rental complex. That will go a long way in resolving the LTB vs Small Claims Court confusion.

5. Allow service of notices of entry (not termination notices) by email if the parties agree in the lease that communication may be by email and if they have provided their respective address in the lease.

6. Lease term has become meaningless. Jurisprudence since the Act came into force has confirmed that lease-breaking parties are legal, negating the purpose of lease term as a benefit to the landlord. This needs fixing. A notice to terminate that can be remedied (rent N4’s for instance) should not end the tenancy, thereby ending any statutory or common law obligations related to term.

7. Fix the problem so that different parts of the Governments operate in a less conflicting manner.

8. While theoretically tenants with a non-smoking lease can be evicted for smoking, the legislation should be more specific. This is especially important with the impending legalization of marijuana.

In summary, I am asking that the government consider fixing, clarifying and modernizing the Act to make it more balanced, instead of just amending amendments which will simply drive more landlords out of the business.

Yours very truly,

Sign your name and send this email to your local, state and federal representatives.

I hope all Canadian and American Landlord Investors take the time to let their concerns and voices be heard.

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How to Successfully Invest in Short Term Airbnb Rentals

How to Successfully Invest in Short Term Rentals

The fastest moving and hottest growth in real estate for 2017 is investing in short term rentals. Why has this form of investing becoming so popular, you may ask? It’s becoming more popular because of the popularity of the listing site Airbnb. is a listing site that has become popular with the travelling millennials who are looking for both long and short term rentals. Because of this increased demand for both the long and short term rentals, there has been a rise of real estate investors providing rooms, homes, condos, vacation rentals and unique living arrangements that cater to the appetite for the new traveller and tenant who is looking for unique living situations.


The Millennials Traveller & Tenant

Who are these new travellers and tenants? Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.

In 2017, and moving forward,  you’ll be hearing more about this growing trend and the uproar it has caused in many cities in the United States and Canada. This is a different real estate business model, new to many real estate investors and not always understood. I was interviewed by Gary Hibbert about my experiences with short term rentals that I’ve owned and operated since 2000.

What are Short Term Rentals?

According to and my own experience,”a short-term rental, or vacation rental, is the renting out of a furnished home, apartment or condominium for a short-term stay”. The owner of the property will usually rent out on a weekly basis, but some vacation rentals offer nightly rates. The owner of the property will rent their space when they are not using it – though some rentals are shared spaces – especially during peak holiday seasons like in December or for New Year’s and times over the summer including the Fourth of July when higher rates can be applied. It’s also become common for people travelling for festivities like music festivals or sports events like the Super Bowl to rent houses or condos rather than pay for over-the-top, expensive hotel rates.

Vacation rentals have surged in popularity in recent years for many reasons, especially because they often offer more privacy and space for a lesser cost than hotels.

With long-term traditional rentals, the owner of the property rents out their accommodation on a long-term basis, receiving rent payments monthly typically.”

Real Estate Investing Opportunity

Consider the next property that you pick up in a popular tourist, business or university district a great candidate for short term rental cash flow opportunity. You will be able to charge higher rates and advertising in social media will keep your property filled.

The major difference between a traditional rental property and a short term rental property is the CONTRACT.

Vacation rental contracts are essentially short-term leases drawn up between a property owner and a renter who wishes to use the property for a short period of time, namely the length of their vacation. According to Bailey Richert, an eHow Contributor, Rachel states that your rental contract serves as a legal agreement between the two parties and therefore must be carefully worded to protect the rights of all individuals involved.

In the twenty-one years of owning rentals, I must agree with Bailey. I have found that having a proper contract is very important. Having the best contract available has been my saving grace, and I didn’t have too many sleepless nights worrying if all parties were on the same page.
I’m happy to share my experiences with short term rentals with anyone who may be looking for an alternate way of investing their time and money outside the usual tenant model. If you want more information, you’re welcome to read my blogs on or my own website, or leave a comment below.

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Self Promoting Your Real Estate Business On Social Media

Self Promoting Your Real Estate Business On Social Media by Maria Rekrut

Maria Rekrut here from Niagara on the Lake Cottage Rental. I came across a great Blog on Self Promotion on Social Media that I wanted to share, with all of my Baby Boomer/Zoomer followers on my Social Media networks. As a Baby Boomer/Zoomer, this concept of self-promotion goes against the very grain of how we were taught to view and do business marketing.

Business Marketing was in the 3rd person plural “We” not in the first-person singular “I” and the actual owner of the business was promoted by other forms of advertising and people. Now all the business strategies that I learned are changing over into using Social Media as a vehicle to Brand and Market your business product, whether you’re the brand or your product is the “brand”.


I came across this great Blog by Marsha Collier that has a different perspective to self-promotion that I found of great interest and wanted to share with you.

6 Steps to Painless Social Media Self-Promotion

A common topic for discussion is promotion for small businesses and personal brands. When it comes to social media, the responsibility for promotion falls on the shoulders of the own(chief cook and bottle washer). Even though my books are published by one of the top 10 publishers in the world, I still need to take responsibility for my own brand.

I’ve personally been promoting my work and books in the real world and online for over 15 years, and it’s the most difficult task on my plate. Even on the “About” pages of my websites, I am loath to blow my own horn. I might consider myself an introvert, or I might just feel the mere act is bragging.


To be fair to those who do it well, it takes nerve to think there are thousands of people waiting around to hang on to your latest words or hot new project. We may have products, businesses or books to promote, but not everyone has a similar promotional style.

Social media is a bit like Dish Network’s Auto Hop. A feature which enables viewers to jump past commercials and get back to the show.

Especially when your promotional messages become too overwhelming — folks will just tune you out and unfollow. Your job is not to leave people feeling spammed. not what you plan to do. You are your brand. Your message is your topic.

2. Promote others: Even if it chokes you a bit to give a hat-tip to the competition, social promotion is symbiotic. Helping others with pure intentions builds your social credibility.

3. Stay on topic! If you have a business audience, keep the kitten and puppy pictures to a minimum and save the emoticons for your personal friends.

4. Curate the best content that ties in with your online community; whether photo or product.

5. Tell stories! Storytelling about successes is a favourite read. Do you personally have any? Perhaps stories of those who have benefitted from your work?

6. Build trust by not sharing topics out of your wheelhouse just because they are trending. But do sprinkle personal posts, they bring humanity to your brand.

Lose any feeling of entitlement — no one is required to follow (or listen to) you. You need to romance your customers by engaging in conversations and commenting.

This has worked for me. If you’re into technology, e-commerce or customer service, you can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, or my website. I may not always be posting about the same topics, but I try to engage in the topics in which I think my customers are interested.

I’d love to hear from you about how you’ve grown your business. How you are using social media to grow your business. What social media strategies have worked for you the most? Make sure that we touch base on my social media channels.

Get in touch with me at 437-600-6860 or email me at

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Four Reasons Why Women Need to Invest in Real Estate

Four Reasons Why Women Need to Invest in Real Estate 


#realestate #womenenterpreneur# #womeninrealestate #financialindependance #financialfreedom

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Get a Chance to Be on My Radio Show on My Radio Rocks!!

Hello everyone on Friday, 3rd December 2021, today, I will be hosting the Friday show on the following times – 7 am, 7 pm, 12 pm and 12 am EST, on I will be interviewing paralegals, property managers, businesses, and today’s theme is on: “Learn how to know if you and your property are meant for each other”!!

You could also like our Facebook page, and comment about the show,  once you comment,  you get a chance to be on my show to tell us about your business!!


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8 Day Vacations Are Key to Good Health

8 Day Vacations Are Key to Good Health, find out why 8 days are just the right number of days to take for a vacation.

Studies have shown that the ideal number of day for a vacation is 8 days. Do you agree or disagree? Looking forward to your comments below.

#realestatemedianewsnetwork#mariarekrut #health


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While most people are scratching at the surface to make enough money to eat and pay bills…… a new asset class is emerging right before your eyes that will make your lives better and easier. It’s happening before our eyes, but most people fail to recognize this new monetary instrument. 
Let me put it in simpler terms…. while you as a real estate investor, are sacrificing time, money and effort,  and  are taking care of your homes,  and giving a place for people to live in.  You, as an investor and property owner, don’t have control or rights over this very valuable asset.  The government can dictate to you what you can and can’t do with your property. 
You can be mandated that you can’t evict non-paying tenants, that have lived rent-free for a year or two, that you can’t  even collect the money  owed to you afterwards.  The tenants can destroy your property, and you have to chase them for thousands of dollars for both unpaid rent and for the damages done to your property. 
You are mandated how much rent you can charge and how much you can raise your yearly rent, even if it doesn’t cover the yearly inflation rate.   You’re supposed to rent out your property for  0% profit!!  Is this for real??
In fact you can’t sell your property without paying the thief of a tenant living on your property, who is blackmailing you for money in order to move out, so that you can sell your property.   You are bound by the laws of that city, and your property can be taken away from you at any time for any reason by the powers of that city or bank. Does this seem fair to you?  
You don’t  have rights to your own property.  You are geographically bound by the laws of that city, state and country.  If you don’t like the laws that are within your city, you can’t pick up and move your property to another region or country!!
Up until now real estate has been the go-to asset that any person can use to become financially independent.  This is still true today, but  there is an easier and quicker and international way to build your own  asset class.  With real estate, unless you know how to handle the tenants, the property, taxes, upkeep, etc,….  I think you get my gist. 
You’re spending money to make money, which I understand, I think we all understand this.  Is this the best way to go in the 21st Century?  I don’t think so.   Millennials are embracing cryptocurrency, why is that?   It’s because they don’t have any other ways of making a future for themselves.  They can’t always find good paying jobs once they finish school, they have very large school debts, that will follow them for the rest of their lives.  Purchasing a house is out of their league…. so what do they  do?
They have found a new asset class that goes up in value, it’s where  they can put their hard-earned money, and it  will earn interest.  How much interest do the banks give?  How much money do you have to pay the government in taxes from your weekly and yearly wages ?  The average person works from January to June to pay for taxes and the next six months you pay yourself!!   With cryptocurrency, the millennials, can work toward a brighter future, so that they can  purchase houses, cars, etc.   Having a job, working hard, and sacrificing just isn’t the way to get ahead, as we  learned in 2020.  In 2020 that was a very valuable lesson the whole world learned.  
If it wasn’t for the crazy real estate inflation, in 2020 and in other inflationary times,  property would average a 5-10% yearly equity gain… and that again depended on the geographical location of the property.  
Bitcoin on the other hand,  has gone up 140% a year,  for the last decade. What other asset class has had this growth? There is no higher quality property that you can own that is “pure, digital energy”.
The biggest thing of the last decade was the digital transformation of music, books, movies and communication. Those things made Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon, the power house companies they are today.
The big thing of the next decade is the digital transformation of property, energy and money.
We can see how the internet has transformed our lives and increased access to the emerging markets with the use of the mobile iPhone and computer. That has transformed our lives in such a way that past generations wouldn’t even recognize it today!!
Bitcoin is the first private, global, rules based monetary system, that the world has ever known.
I believe emerging markets are going to embrace Bitcoin and get away from the corrupt regimes. They don’t trust their monetary authorities, and their politicians generally. The emerging markets are a huge use case study here.
Bitcoin is truly the new asset class since the 1600’s when equities were first launched.
Bitcoin is here to stay, and it’s our new 21st century asset class. Now it’s up to us to learn how to use it and start to understand how truly we can use this new digital energy instrument to better our personal, business and private lives!!

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We have 2 economies, one is for the super rich that had profited from the Coronavirus and the other which is the rest of the world, that have lost homes, jobs and health in the meantime. This is all a game being played so that the super rich can continue to line their pockets.
We have two justice systems, one is for the powerful and well connected and then there is the one for the rest of us!! While the rest of us have to obey the laws, or else the book is thrown at us.
For the powerful and well connected they are allowed to routenly break the laws and get away with it.
So we need to be tough and hold regulators, the corporations and the government accountable, as they, time after time commit massive fraud against their people and investors. They get away with it without as so much as a scratch, especially from the top executives.
This has got to change and we have to have strong accountability measures in place, for the most powerful in our country if we’re going to make progress.

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Are Blockchains, Smart Contracts and Bitcoin Our Future Real Estate?

Blockchain, smart contracts and crypto with a strong business base are the way of the future. I’ve been in business almost 40 years and I can see crypto, especially Bitcoin, as our new gold standard and digital currency and money. It’s been a natural progression toward more monetary freedom from the Central Banks and the games they’re up to, that cost taxpayers and the middle class their financial future.
I don’t think crypto is for the poor only. Although, crypto is being bought and adopted up by Millennials as their future hedge in being able to buy a home and live a good lifestyle.
You have Michael Saylor, and other big investors buying up Bitcoin by the billions, like there’s no tomorrow. Not to mention other banks and hedge funds which are entering the marketplace.
They see the future use of Bitcoin as a store of value, digital gold, and use Bitcoin in place of real estate, which can be moved all over the world and not be tied down by geography. Because it’s decentralized, you have control over your own asset, which is not the case with the banks.
I see that our future will depend more and more on Bitcoin, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.  With these new digital tools,  we are  in fact  our own investment bankers.  For me  we can then own digital real estate, which gives us back our monetary power and control over our own money, and we’re not hindered by geographical boundaries to run our businesses.   We’ll be able to borrow against our Bitcoin and gain interest on our digital currencies, which again is within our power. 
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and with this very strong ally and  tool we will see a very bright future!!
Maria Rekrut

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