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Today’s topics include the fallout from a Calgary rental scam, co-op living in Toronto, debunking money myths, Canada’s housing dynamics, innovative heating solutions, and more. Tune in for expert insights and engaging discussions! #RealEstate #RadioShow #MariaRekrut

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Welcome to the Maria Rekrut Radio Show on 4680Q! Today’s show delves into a variety of intriguing topics. We’ll explore the fallout faced by the owner of a Calgary house involved in a rental scam while residing in India. Discover how co-ops are revolutionizing modern living in Toronto. Unravel common money myths in our ‘Money Matters’ segment.

Learn about Canada’s housing dynamics and how they impact affordability. Explore the innovative heating methods of a new apartment complex and the challenges faced by a homeowner dealing with anti-mould cladding regulations. Stay tuned for insightful discussions and expert insights

Owner of Calgary house involved in rental scam dealing with fallout while living in India

Modern living: The co-ops are coming

Money Matters: Debunking those money myths

How Canada is rigging housing to stay expensive

This new apartment complex heats its units with industrial stream

Homeowner is given six months to rip out anti-mould cladding he added to the front of his home after council ruled it was an eyesore

As we wrap up today’s show, we thank you for tuning in to the Maria Rekrut Radio Show on 4680Q. Remember, understanding global real estate trends is key in navigating this dynamic industry. Maria Rekrut, an experienced businesswoman and real estate expert, brings you practical solutions and valuable insights. Stay connected with Maria through her various platforms and continue exploring the world of real estate with her syndicated radio shows. Join us next time for more engaging discussions and informative content!

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