When Did Transitory Inflation Become a Recession?

Remember when we were told by the Feds that inflation was transitory? When did inflation transition to recession and stagflation? I guess if you keep repeating the same lie, people actually believe you!! Even though there were so many red flags, all indications of a recession.

I suggest that our newspapers are no longer reporting the true facts of what they are supposed to be reporting on, instead they have become the puppets of the people who pay them, and thus are told what to and what to not report on!!

All the signs of a recession were right there in front of our eyes from the beginning of the coronavirus in 2020, when people were paying extraordinary high prices for houses that hadn’t gone up in value….. it was our dollar that was becoming more worthless every day.

The Feds were printing money, by the millions for months on end, also known as “Quantitative Easing,” a term that no one understood unless you looked it up on Google, which is what I did. Now in 2022, the Feds have pulled back and stopped printing money, they have raised the interest rates, made a mess of the supply chain. In fact, mother’s can’t buy baby formula…. once upon a time, mothers made their own baby formula at home!! Surprise, surprise.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. We are seeing history in the making, and this is looking very much like the Weimar Republic before Hitler came along.

But wait, maybe there is another Hitler in the making… his name is Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who held his latest meeting at Davos, Switzerland.

Politicians and business leaders, including crypto inventors, from all over the world met there to discuss our future. Now, let’s get this right, not all politicians and businesses were invited…. no, no… only the ones that are part of the inner circle and can be bought and manipulated like our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!!

Guess what they were discussing? You guessed it, our sovereign rights as nations, taking away our ability to speak out and not have to agree with what our politicians are proposing that will change our lives. They want us to become one large nation. Sound familiar??

Our school system isn’t any different, the children who become adults aren’t equipped to seek the truth and look behind the curtain to find the truth. In school, we are taught to be good little people and behave ourselves and become slaves to the business that may hire you. These businesses that hire you, give you a wage that is hardly livable with the raging inflation rate!! LOL

Maria Rekrut, Editor-In-Chief of Real Estate Media News Network

Bank of Canada faces recession, stagflation risks https://youtu.be/XB9SukC-zIo

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