What’s Next for the US Dollar Reserve Currency?

Will Gold and Bitcoin become the New Reserve Currency?

We note that in recent years, some countries that oppose the US dollar as a reserve currency have actively sought alternatives and abandoned the US dollar. Will Gold and Bitcoin become the Reserve Currency for more and more countries?

The USA and Canada have shown their hand that they can seize your assets, and you don’t have any rights to your own property, money or even bank account. This is very Orwellian and if anyone is interested, his book 1949 novel by George Orwell, is a must-read for anyone who is curious to understand and see the parallel of what he wrote about and what is occurring presently.

At present, representative countries including China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Angola, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Pakistan and Vietnam have begun to de-dollarize, or abandoned in crude oil trade.
Reduce the use of the petrodollar system; or stop or reduce the use of the dollar in other commodities and financial settlements and switch to other currencies; and three countries also publicly banned the dollar, surprising.


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