Thorold’s Groundbreaking Decision: A New Era of Citizen Engagement!

The Maria Rekrut Radio Show Presents: A Landmark Decision in Thorold, Ontario, Canada

Tonight, June 20, 2024, on The Maria Rekrut Radio Show at 5pm EST, on we have a special guest, Duncan Spence, a concerned resident of the Niagara region and a registered real estate agent. Spence will be discussing a recent landmark decision reached by the council of the City of Thorold, which marks the first step towards greater community engagement with local governments.

With a background in sales management and customer service spanning 38 years in the Canadian construction materials industry, Spence has always had an interest in politics, people, and the environment. As the regional representative of a non-partisan national organization focused on re-establishing our unalienable rights, Spence will share insights into this groundbreaking decision.

A Celebration for Niagarans and Canadians

This landmark decision by the City of Thorold is a cause for celebration for all Niagarans and Canadians, as it opens the door for more reciprocal and interactive engagement between citizens and local governments. It represents a significant step towards addressing the issues that matter most to our communities.

Tune in to The Maria Rekrut Radio Show at 5pm to learn more about this historic decision and how it can shape the future of citizen-government relations in the Niagara region and beyond. Spence will also introduce listeners to a document outlining the rights of individuals and the duties of governments. For more information, call Duncan Spence at 905-980-0243 and visit the website

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