Cruising Around The World – Your Next Vacation Rental Investment?

I can see in the not so far distant future, that you’ll be able to live and cruise year round.  I predict that you’ll be able to buy “Time Shares” on Cruise ships. Baby Boomers who want a carefree life style and travel the world, not having to worry about their safety or worry where their next meal or sleeping arrangement, will be the target market.


Cruises come in all shapes and sizes, giving you tons of variety. One of the best features of a cruise is the flexibility it offers. You can literally go to a travel agent and name your port, or at least a general area from which you want to leave. In the United States alone, cruises leave from Alaska, Florida, California, and a number of other states. Caribbean cruises are popular, of course, but you can also find cruises in Europe, Africa and other countries throughout the world.

cruise is super easy to plan, beyond budgeting. While some may find this a bit limiting, most enjoy the stress-free idea of not having to plan a vacation – they do the planning for you!  You will find that most cruises include meals and entertainment, but on some, you have to pay for drinks and shore excursions.

Instead of having to put together an itinerary yourself, you just “cruise” along, literally. The company running the cruise determines the entertainment, you don’t have to leave your cruise ship to enjoy a variety of activities,  as well as set the course, taking you to various ports of interest.

Location is not the only thing that is flexible. With a cruise, you can also be flexible about the amount of time you want to spend on vacation. Some cruises are very long,  lasting 10 to 14 days or longer ranging with a month to 3 months.

On the other hand, most cruise lines offer shorter 3-day cruises for those with lower budgets or those who do not want to spend their entire vacation on a ship. You can also find short day cruises, so if you are going on vacation near a coast, you might want to look into an evening cruise, daylong sightseeing cruise, or other short tourist option.

So is this the way of the future?  Retirement couldn’t be more attractive than being on a Cruise Ship. Investing in “vacation rental” properties like bed & breakfasts, time shares, short term housing and perhaps in the near future, cruise ship time shares are great alternatives to add to your real estate portfolio.

Happy Investing

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