Is The New Economy Our Modern-Day Slavery?

There is so much going on in the world, that it becomes very confused and blurred for most sane people to keep up with.
There is a labour shortage, yet people don’t want to work, why is that?
It’s because people are asked to work long hours for less or very little pay. If business was really keeping up with inflation in the way of wages, then most people would be getting paid $50.00 an hour. But this is of course impossible, there isn’t a business in the world that can offer that except to highly skilled or technical professionals. But for the hourly worker, that’s impossible.
Think about Amazon, one of the richest companies in the world, which has grown in wealth since 2020!! Guess what they do to their workforce? The drivers are under such a tight schedule to deliver… (delivering stupid stuff and trinkets), that they have to pee in bottles and poop in bags in their vehicles, instead of using restrooms….!! Does this seem humane to you? As far as their warehouse employees, they fire them after 3 years, because they just aren’t as productive as they were 3 years earlier!! The employees get a 15-minute break, but their break rooms are 5 minutes to walk to, they get 5 minutes of actual break and then 5 minutes to walk back.
So there is a job shortage and there are millions of jobs not being filled. In China there is a movement called “Lying Flat” and the Great Resignation of employees in the USA. Why is that? It’s because people aren’t being respected in their jobs and are expected to work long hours for the “COMPANY” for less pay.
People are just sick and tired of working long hours and getting less and less money, that can’t buy much with, because of the inflation.
Yet the pockets of the billionaires and oligarchs are getting lined with more profits. Doesn’t this sound like slavery to you?
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