Are Blockchains, Smart Contracts and Bitcoin Our Future Real Estate?

Blockchain, smart contracts and crypto with a strong business base are the way of the future. I’ve been in business almost 40 years and I can see crypto, especially Bitcoin, as our new gold standard and digital currency and money. It’s been a natural progression toward more monetary freedom from the Central Banks and the games they’re up to, that cost taxpayers and the middle class their financial future.
I don’t think crypto is for the poor only. Although, crypto is being bought and adopted up by Millennials as their future hedge in being able to buy a home and live a good lifestyle.
You have Michael Saylor, and other big investors buying up Bitcoin by the billions, like there’s no tomorrow. Not to mention other banks and hedge funds which are entering the marketplace.
They see the future use of Bitcoin as a store of value, digital gold, and use Bitcoin in place of real estate, which can be moved all over the world and not be tied down by geography. Because it’s decentralized, you have control over your own asset, which is not the case with the banks.
I see that our future will depend more and more on Bitcoin, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.  With these new digital tools,  we are  in fact  our own investment bankers.  For me  we can then own digital real estate, which gives us back our monetary power and control over our own money, and we’re not hindered by geographical boundaries to run our businesses.   We’ll be able to borrow against our Bitcoin and gain interest on our digital currencies, which again is within our power. 
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and with this very strong ally and  tool we will see a very bright future!!
Maria Rekrut

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Maria Rekrut, believes Vacation Rental Investing is much more fun than the average real estate investing. Maria, known as the Vacation Rental Guru, writes blogs regularly about her stories and adventures in vacation home investing. Maria Rekrut believes that if she can become successful investing in Vacation Rentals so can anyone else by following her simple investing techniques. Maria is also a regular contributor to the Real Estate Blog
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