Being a Landlord is Like Learning to Drive a Car!!

Being a Landlord is Like Learning to Drive a Car!!
I have seen this over and over in other landlords groups. The landlords are going and looking for advice, and yes, the advice can be correct.
But the landlords asking the questions are already in trouble, they are very inexperienced and don’t realize what’s in store for them. They are trying to bandage up the problem. They are trying to learn when they are already in trouble.
Then reality sets in…..then the stress… anxiety…the fear of what to do, where do I go for help. All this is very confusing, and it will cost the landlords plenty of time and money.
Instead, why not learn before you get into trouble, take classes and learn from the people who are willing to teach or go on YouTube or read books on the topic. Like they say “when the student is willing the teacher will appear”.
As an example, before I started to drive, I went to a driving training school and took in-class classes. Then I had an instructor take me on the road to teach me defensive driving. He had 2 sets of steering wheels and brakes.
Why did he have 2 sets of steering wheels and brakes? He had 2 sets so that, if I made a mistake, he was there to prevent an accident from occurring, by him putting on the brakes he was able to override what I had done incorrectly from either using my steering wheel or brakes incorrectly, thus preventing an accident.
The next step was that he took me out for “Defensive Driving” this course teaches you tactics and what to look out for when you’re driving and to be always anticipating what the other driver will do, wrong, before they do it.
Defensive driving prevents accidents which can cost you your life and a great deal of money. I am still driving defensively, and it has saved me from many accidents, in fact I even got reduced insurance because I got this certificate of Defensive Driving. It brings back great memories of my getting over the hurdle of being afraid to drive in the streets and highways. That teacher gave me wings to drive and enjoy the many lovely towns I have since then visited.
Learning how to drive,  cost me time, money, but it was well worth the investment. Education was the key for my driving skills.
In my 21 years as a landlord, I certainly have never fought against good advice or new tenant screening strategies or business strategies!! I did a 10-week stretch of videos with Jay Shaw talking about strategies. Jay gave up his valuable time sharing what he’s doing as an experienced property manager, for free, yet he’s always looking for new ideas. I learned a lot from Jay, just like I have from all of my fellow real estate investors, landlords, advisors and coaches.  
Don’t waste your time and money, instead, short circuit your learning curve and find a coach, read books, watch YouTube videos, listen to podcast, and you’ll have a fighting chance to becoming your own best property manager and real estate investor.  I’m here to help you reach those goals.  If you want more Free learning and training resources, reach out to me. 
Remember That You’re in the Driver’s Seat for Your Own Destiny!!
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