The Maria Rekrut Radio Show: Insights from Local Leaders – June 3, 2024

The Maria Rekrut Radio Show: Insights from Local Leaders – June 3, 2024

The Maria Rekrut Radio Show: Insights from Local Leaders

This week on The Maria Rekrut Radio Show, we had the pleasure of speaking with three exceptional guests who are making a positive impact in our community. Here are the highlights:

Lori Lococo – Niagara Falls City Councillor

Lori Lococo, a dedicated City Councillor in Niagara Falls, shared her insights on the city’s ongoing revitalization efforts. She discussed the importance of sustainable development, preserving the region’s natural beauty, and fostering a vibrant local economy. Lori’s passion for public service and her commitment to improving the lives of Niagara Falls residents was truly inspiring.

Jenn Boyles – Founder and CEO at Direct Booking Success

Jenn Boyles, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Direct Booking Success, provided valuable tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to maximize their online presence. She emphasized the power of direct bookings, leveraging social media, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Jenn’s expertise and practical advice were invaluable for anyone seeking to grow their business in the digital age.

Adrian Smude – Mobile Buyer and Project Developer

Adrian Smude, a seasoned Mobile Home Buyer, offered a unique perspective on the real estate market. He shared insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by mobile homeowners, as well as the importance of ethical business practices. Adrian’s commitment to providing fair and transparent services was truly commendable.

We extend our gratitude to Lori, Jenn, and Adrian for their time and valuable contributions to our show. Their diverse experiences and expertise make for engaging and informative discussions.

Tune in next week for more insightful conversations on The Maria Rekrut Radio Show!

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