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11-26-14 - InternsI have my first international student intern’s placement with Niagara on the Lake Cottage Rental coming to the end of her “virtual internship” Brianna is from an American University and she’s done exactly what I always wanted my interns to do.

What I always mentored to my student interns is that they get accustomed to work “virtually”. Brianna, is doing her 2nd internship placement, she didn’t need to do this she wanted the “international” experience. Brianna understands that she needs all that extra training in order to become competitive and she looked at us to give her the competitive edge.

I had a student at Niagara College, his name is Fernando Delgado who also did an extra placement with me to get more work experience. I know that both Fernando and Brianna will be successful because they did what they needed to do to get the competitive edge!!

That’s what the world will be demanding and expecting in the future from their “employees” or “contractors”.

I always wanted to give my student interns a head start into what the working world will look like in 2020.

By 2020 1 out of 2 people will be working as “contractors” from their homes, coffee shops, or where ever you have internet. The students who understood what I was trying to teach took it to heart, the others will be left behind looking for a “job”

It warms my heart that some of my student interns understood and embraced what I was trying to teach them.

I starting with my first business in New York City in 1982 and at that time my business and the contractors who worked for me were all virtual, here we are in 2014 and still the local colleges and universities are sending students out to look for a “job” when there are less and less jobs, while there are more and more “contract” work.

Even the placements are on a job site is a waste of time and energy it would be so much simpler to have the students “work virtually” like Brianna is doing.

Working virtually you wouldn’t need workmen’s compensation, plus all that wasted and precious travel time to get to and from the job sites.

By working “virtually” the students will really be getting the training they need to find “jobs” in the real world and get the “leg up” on their competitors.

These trainees will finally deliver to the people they will be working with or for, some quality of work and will be already trained to start producing excellent work. After all they got trained by a business owner who knows what is needed in the “real world”.  To Schedule a free consultation go to: http://ht.ly/F7eRi

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