Marketing in the 21st Century for Vacation Rental Owners

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Marketing in the 21st century for Vacation Rental Owners is something quite a few businesses should look out for—especially ones not originated in the 21st century. A lot of things have changed. From the way you do things globally and socially, to the way you get information across.

It’s in tune with social media, something we like to call ‘social media marketing.’ Social media marketing has been around for years, maybe even decades—but, it has changed drastically. There’s not really much of newsletters, or mailing out ads to get your business out there. Nowadays, you put your ad on socially used websites, so the current era can see them faster and easier.

The modernized era is the internet era, teens and twenty year olds spend quite a bit of time on the internet, as well as websites such as Amazon, EBay and most importantly Google. You even have the use of blogs such as WordPress, which is becoming popular by the second. Writing platforms being used and other social websites.

Speaking of WordPress, which brings me to the blogging aspect of the modernized era. The importance of social media marketing is also in tune with blogging. A blog means a weblog and what a blog essentially does is create a faster revenue for word-of-mouth for marketing and businesses.

The modernized era’s word-of-mouth tactic has been used widely since the beginning of the era. The current era talks a lot about what they see, what they hear and if it catches their interest they tell other people to check it out as well; which, leads to more people getting information and the cycle continues. Blogging can also be noticed easier by the media, which can lead to interviews by high people. Such as, if you aren’t in any sort of business and you are just starting out, a major company may see your blog and you could potentially have a job lined up.

You don’t come off on a blog as your preaching to your audience, it’s more on a friend level instead of a client level. One important thing about blogging amongst many others is the fact that search engines use blogs for key wording and specific topic content. Blogs are generally a community of people with similar interests, it allows people to comment on what you say and create a conversation from it.

There are some cons that come along with blogging, as with most things in life. Blogging is state of constant attention, it’s required that you spend and take your time to create daily postings.

You don’t want to clutter your blog, but you also don’t want to make too little postings on the opposing end either. In the marketing of the current era, blogging seems to be the top runner when it comes to marketing other than internet ads. So maybe this is the route to start going. It will take some time and much needed research, but we will adapt nonetheless to the present-day’s media marketing adventure.

Yes, I know it takes time to blog, but since google is looking for new material, you can add an activity blog on your vacation rental’s website, that way your website will move up Google’s listing sites.

Commit to only two or three social media networks for your business. Any more and you’ll be stretched too thin. Share on X

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