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marias pics - group1_001-1Editor’s Note – Hello Everyone, Happy New Year to you and I’m so happy to have you read my blogs coming up in 2019!!

I’ve taken a few days of rest over Xmas to set my goals for 2019.  I’ve written down my business goals since 1987.

It’s funny that when I go back during the year to read my notes, a lot of goals I’ve written down have actually been accomplished.

I think that actually writing down my goals is half way to reaching them. I’ve always been very goal orientated since I was a little 10 year old girl who wanted to study music in Italy.

So what I did in order to reach my goal financially, I started to sing in the church for weddings and funerals.

I joined Junior Achievment and sold black boards in the winter time in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

This is funny, I won the award for the best salesperson ( I was the only girl to win the award). I remember that I won 2 silver dollars. I thought that was the best thing in the world!!

I then took a secreterial course, after graduating from high school, so that I could learn short hand, bookeeping and typing in order to find a good job. I got a job at the University of Manitoba and started saving my money to go to Europe.

At the age of 21, I went with my family to Rome, Italy and after my singing audition, I was accepted by the Conservatorio of Music of Santa Cecilia.

I was the only Canadian to get accepted to the Conservatory of Music for the 9 years I studied in Italy.

So, yes, I’ve always been very goal oriented and I have many goals I want to achieve in 2019 for the Real Estate Media News Network.

Join me as I press forward with the Real Estate Investors, Landlords and Landowners in “having a voice” in the media!!


– Maria Rekrut,  Editor-in-Chief, Real Estate Media News Network

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Maria Rekrut, believes Vacation Rental Investing is much more fun than the average real estate investing. Maria, known as the Vacation Rental Guru, writes blogs regularly about her stories and adventures in vacation home investing. Maria Rekrut believes that if she can become successful investing in Vacation Rentals so can anyone else by following her simple investing techniques. Maria is also a regular contributor to the Real Estate Blog
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