Why Having the Right Tenant is So Vital For Your Real Estate Business

Why Having the Right Tenant is So Vital For Your Real Estate Business!!
Hi Louise❤️ (not the guests real name – I don’t categorize my guests as tenants)
Thanks so much for getting in touch with me. Yes, we can hold either one or the other room for you for Sept 2021. How are your studies going by the way? Are you going to University or are you studying from home?
Can you please pay the balance of your rent for March 2021?
I’d really appreciate that.
Hi Maria
I wanted to inform you that I sent you the remainder of $600 owed for the March rent.
I would also like to deeply apologize and to promise that it will never happen again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Hi Louise🎆
Nice hearing from you, and thanks very much for your payment. I appreciate it very much.
Now I can pay some bills. LOL
Have a great weekend. When will you be starting your exams?
Will you be going home for Easter?
Keep well and keep up your great school work.

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Real Estate Marketing and Branding Your Way to Success

Real Estate Marketing and Branding Your Way to Success with Maria Rekrut

Marketing For Novices:

When taking into consideration your marketing strategy, you want to consider many things such as, demographics, location, price structure, and mediums on which you will use to advertise. As soon as you establish your key points that you want presented and your goals for your company or organization, you can then take each point and work on them one at a time.

Breaking down your marketing strategy into key points and working on those separately, makes it easier to accomplish your overall goals and strategy. If you try to only focus “big picture”, then there is a good chance that you could miss important details that could make or break your marketing strategy’s success.


Branding For the Novice:

When talking about branding, a lot of people tend to get the term confused or even mixed up with “marketing”. While these terms do coincide with each other at some level, they are very different from each other in terms of what you put in and get out of each. When you think of your favorite company or organization, there are probably a few things that come to mind before others.

Maybe a logo you liked, a great experience you had with that company, or their outstanding reputation, thus the primary reason you might enjoy them or their services so much. The point here is that all of those things are part of their brand, or how people perceive that company as a whole. 

The idea behind branding is to leave a sort of footprint behind to your consumers, something that is memorable and will keep them coming back for more. Maybe as a company you offer services or products in a niche-type market that gives you an edge over any potential competition. Or maybe your specialty is that you make it a point to be very personable and polite to your customers and that in return helps build a lasting relationship with them.



The key to being successful in branding is to build those long-term relationships with consumers, and we use marketing tactics in order to aid this idea.

Differences Between Marketing and Branding:

To start, let’s lay out an example to better understand how the words differ in terms of a company. Take a company like Nike, with their ever popular “swoosh” symbol that people recognize around the globe.

They are known not only for the company’s logo itself, but also for their quality products, associations with major celebrities, and their edgy sports-themed commercials and ads on every platform. One might ask, how do so many people know and recognize the brand?  Or who comes up with those creative commercials and ads posted up on the sides of the highways?

Well, here is where we can start to separate the two terms we’re talking about. When we speak of the perceived quality of Nike’s products, their great customer service, or their presence in the sports world, we would be referring to their brand. The brand is what makes people keep coming back to that product or service.

It is not the company itself, but how one perceives it. Yes, branding does stem from marketing strategy in part, but the brand is what makes people loyal to that business or organization. It is what people stick around for and keep coming back to. Marketing on the other hand is the vehicle we use to get this image of quality and trust from consumers.

Branding involves the tactics used to build a company’s image, such as putting together advertisements, conducting and producing commercials, or setting up displays in a storefront to draw customers in.  Marketing includes the actions you take in order to build your brand.



How to Use Colours in your Branding or Marketing Tactics:

When speaking about colour and your brand there are so many things to take into consideration. Everything from who your target audience is, to what type of service or product you are trying to sell, and even your geographical location.

The fact is, there is no exact answer for which colour you should use when marketing and branding your company. Colour is ultimately is a matter of an individuals personal preferences, their culture, or even their feelings at any specific point in time. Even with all of these barriers when it comes to colour, there are still a few things that can help decide how to go about choosing the right colours for your brand and business.

While there are certain colours that are more popular in branding and marketing your business, choice all comes down to what you want to be seen as. Many businesses implement colours such as blue because it is known to be associated with honesty and trust in the business world. Other well-known company picks for instance would be red due to it usually points to requiring an action to be taken. Red is a colour that draws attention and people tend to notice it versus other pale colours.

We can start at the most basic level. There are often certain preferences depending on gender. For example, when a baby is the topic on the table; a lot of people use either blue or pink to reveal the gender. When companies make very specific items for example power tools, they choose to not make the tools bright pink or purple, there is a reason for this.

The color choice is not because they won’t sell the tools, but ultimately the majority people buying the bulk of those tools seem to be male instead of a female. Companies know that sales may drop if they were to make that hot-pink hammer or glittery purple screwdriver. While this isn’t an absolute concrete way of picking a colour, it definitely gives some important insight into the topic. There are many other things that can help a company choose its colour scheme as well, for example what it is that they are actually trying to sell.

If you are an environmentally friendly company, you would probably consider colours like green and yellow, due to the fact that when people think of the environment or recycling, they associate it with these types of colours. If a company is based around selling hunting and fishing gear, they tend to use a lot of dark greens, brown, and black because those are common colours found in nature.

The point here is that the colours need to be aligned with what it is you want to be seen as or branded as. While there is no clear cut answer as to choosing colours for a company, these are definitely some key points to think about.


What are Your Social Media Marketing Strategies?

When using social media to market your company or organization, there are many factors that need to be considered. Some questions that are important to answer are, who you are marketing to, what are the best websites to take advantage of, what sites your competitors are using, and most importantly; if social media is the best way to market your company in the first place.

One thing to note is that before you ever start worrying about how to market your company via social media, you want to do your research first to figure out your branding strategy. Only after that, do you want to start working on the marketing aspect. With all of that being said, there are many options out there for marketing on social media sites.

And the best part about social media, is that usually it is free and easy to use. Many websites offer free tools to help build your company’s presence up, for example search engine options and the ability to list your website as a “featured” site.

Everyone these days is familiar with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their ability to connect friends and family. But as a business owner did you know these sites could be used as very powerful and influential marketing tools?

Sites like Facebook, offer businesses the option to set up official pages specifically designed to make it easier to find when searching for a company online.

They help make it easy for people to know what is “official” or not, as far as a company page by annotating the company name with a designated symbol. These websites also give options like being able to “boost” your webpage and make it easier for people to find, interact and connect with your company.

When using social media to market your business, it gives consumers an outlet to voice their comments and suggestions openly, and in turn; gives us as business owners the ability to immediately see and address those questions and comments.

The thing about social media, is that because it is so easily accessible to everyone, your marketing strategy needs to involve having someone keep up with your available content because forgetting to do so, can damage your company’s credibility and success online.

To sum it up, the benefits of what a company can get out of a good marketing strategy on a social media website, far outweigh the costs to do so. If your company does not have a strong web presence in today’s world, there is a good chance that business won’t last very long.


What are Your Social Media Branding Strategies?

As talked about previously, branding is what consumers know you for. It is the image that your business presents, hopefully one of quality and trust. When using social media to project your company’s brand, you want to make sure your page follows the image you want people to remember. For the most part, your brand isn’t something that you set yourself. It is essentially an image of your company that is controlled by what the consumer sees.

Using social media sites is a great outlet to help enhance your company brand instead of re-create it. Once your company or organization has established itself, you can use these websites to further engage consumers and allow them to help spread the image as well. The best part about how this mechanism works, is that your followers and loyal customers are helping to put your brand out there simply because they enjoy what you do.

These social media outlets can very easily turn into a snowball effect. Where a few people tell a few others, and a few more, and eventually your company’s name and image is positioned around the internet all because you happened to use the correct websites and tools. When combined with a great marketing strategy, social media can help your brand prosper and grow very quickly.


For more information reach out to me at: http://realwealthrealestate.com/ please send your questions and sign up for your free one on one session with Maria Rekrut at:  http://realwealthrealestate.com/marias-booking-calendar/

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Free Events to Build Real Estate Wealth with Maria Rekrut

Free Events to Join to  Build Real Estate Wealth with Maria Rekrut
Take a minute to check out what’s going on weekly, so many opportunities to make new friends and so much to learn about Real Estate!
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Let us know you’re coming on the event pages:
Monday @ 7:00pm EST (ONLINE): All Things Real Estate with Maria Rekrut-  Weekly  Radio Show with Guests on: http://myradio.rocks/
Monday @ 8:00pm EST (ONLINE): Join our Real Estate Webinars on: https://www.facebook.com/MariaRekrutTV/
I interview guests from all around the world and hear inspiring real estate tips and strategies  to build your real estate wealth|Real Estate Stories 🗺
Monday @ 9:00pm EST (ONLINE): Real Estate Wealth with Maria Rekrut on Clubhouse @mariarekrut
Tuesday @ 8:00pm EST (ONLINE): Landlord Bootcamp (no experience needed!) |Paid Course 🩰💜 Hope to have you join me!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/5startenantminicoursewithmariarekrut
Thursday @ 8:00pm EST (ONLINE): Mastermind for Real Estate Investors|Paid Membership  https://www.facebook.com/groups/mariarekrut10xyourrealestate
Friday @ 7:00pm EST (ONLINE): What’s Happened in Real Estate with Maria Rekrut and Natasha E. Feghali-Weekly Radio Show on:  http://myradio.rocks/
Friday @ 8:30pm EST (ONLINE): Real Estate Wealth with Maria Rekrut on Clubhouse @mariarekrut
Roll out your time for an awesome week filled with activities. Watch out for upcoming events| Real Estate 🧘🏿‍♀️
Interested in registering for the Landlord Bootcamp or  Weekly Mastermind?   Call 1-866-226-4730 or email realwealth@live.ca or fill out the form on the website. 
Not sure about working with Maria?  Then schedule a free 3/4 hour  Discovery session.  Form found on the website!!    💜 Hope to speak to you personally!

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Renters Insurance and Why Require it From Your Tenants

Renters Insurance and Why Require it From Your Tenants

Insurance is the only defence you have as a landlord in protecting your home from tenants who may start a fire or damage your property from negligence on their part  that may occur wilfully or by accident. 


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Real Estate is a People Business with Maria Rekrut

Remember that Real Estate is a People Business – Things Landlords Need to Know

As a landlord, you walk into the brutal reality that most people simply don’t care about how they live or how delicate something is.

Just like you babyproof a house, you will need to renter-proof your house. This means making things indestructible. If something is likely to break, make sure you don’t spend too much money on it.

Just buy good quality DURABLE, not high-end BREAKABLE. This will prevent you from fixing and buying new things after every tenant.

All of a sudden you have a hard time thinking objectively, you throw your own emotions into the mix, you have self-doubt, you worry if what you’re doing is right, and there’s a blurred line between running this like a business vs a hobby…and when I started, I ran it like a hobby. Don’t do that.

This brings me to my second point…keep things professional, and STICK TO THE LEASE.

In the beginning, most landlords treated the lease more like a guide…as long as you roughly followed it, that was fine. No, NO, NO.

Do NOT do this. Enforce the lease word for word. The lease is written for a reason – there should be no misinterpretation from what’s allowed and what’s agreed on.

This clarifies everyone’s expectations for not only the tenant, but also for the landlord. When that contract is signed, all parties must abide by it.

The third thing landlords need to know is that you  need to be on call 24/7.

If there’s ever an emergency, I have my phone on me to handle anything as it comes up. Most situations that come up, even though I’m technically “on call 24/7,” just aren’t that urgent; usually little minor things that are usually sent over email, and you can handle them when you have the time.



The biggest learning experience of all of them is simply dealing with people.

On a bigger picture, deeper down, you really have to learn to communicate effectively, be ok with saying no, be okay with standing your ground, while still being able to hear the other person out.

You need to learn how to explain yourself in a way that makes sense to the other person, without coming off as insensitive or inattentive.

The other person needs to be heard and their thoughts validated before you can say what you want. Just like anything else, people skills are incredibly important and can make a huge difference in whatever business you’re in.

If you want to know more about becoming a Super Duper Landlord, touch base with me on social media,  email me realwealth@live.ca or call 1-866-226-4730. 


Maria Rekrut

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Being a Landlord is Like Learning to Drive a Car!!

Being a Landlord is Like Learning to Drive a Car!!
I have seen this over and over in other landlords groups. The landlords are going and looking for advice, and yes, the advice can be correct.
But the landlords asking the questions are already in trouble, they are very inexperienced and don’t realize what’s in store for them. They are trying to bandage up the problem. They are trying to learn when they are already in trouble.
Then reality sets in…..then the stress… anxiety…the fear of what to do, where do I go for help. All this is very confusing, and it will cost the landlords plenty of time and money.
Instead, why not learn before you get into trouble, take classes and learn from the people who are willing to teach or go on YouTube or read books on the topic. Like they say “when the student is willing the teacher will appear”.
As an example, before I started to drive, I went to a driving training school and took in-class classes. Then I had an instructor take me on the road to teach me defensive driving. He had 2 sets of steering wheels and brakes.
Why did he have 2 sets of steering wheels and brakes? He had 2 sets so that, if I made a mistake, he was there to prevent an accident from occurring, by him putting on the brakes he was able to override what I had done incorrectly from either using my steering wheel or brakes incorrectly, thus preventing an accident.
The next step was that he took me out for “Defensive Driving” this course teaches you tactics and what to look out for when you’re driving and to be always anticipating what the other driver will do, wrong, before they do it.
Defensive driving prevents accidents which can cost you your life and a great deal of money. I am still driving defensively, and it has saved me from many accidents, in fact I even got reduced insurance because I got this certificate of Defensive Driving. It brings back great memories of my getting over the hurdle of being afraid to drive in the streets and highways. That teacher gave me wings to drive and enjoy the many lovely towns I have since then visited.
Learning how to drive,  cost me time, money, but it was well worth the investment. Education was the key for my driving skills.
In my 21 years as a landlord, I certainly have never fought against good advice or new tenant screening strategies or business strategies!! I did a 10-week stretch of videos with Jay Shaw talking about strategies. Jay gave up his valuable time sharing what he’s doing as an experienced property manager, for free, yet he’s always looking for new ideas. I learned a lot from Jay, just like I have from all of my fellow real estate investors, landlords, advisors and coaches.  
Don’t waste your time and money, instead, short circuit your learning curve and find a coach, read books, watch YouTube videos, listen to podcast, and you’ll have a fighting chance to becoming your own best property manager and real estate investor.  I’m here to help you reach those goals.  If you want more Free learning and training resources, reach out to me. 
Remember That You’re in the Driver’s Seat for Your Own Destiny!!
Want to become a better landlord?  Call 1-866-226-4730 for more information or email:  realwealth@live.ca
Maria Rekrut

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Testimonial From One Ontario Landlord Association Member about Maria Rekrut

Honestly, I find Maria Rekrut a wealth of knowledge. She has more experience than I do as a landlord. With saying that, I also follow the advice of other knowledgeable professionals (landlords, paralegals etc.)
Sure I don’t follow every single thing one of them says. Rather, I take the knowledge they give me, and adapt and adopt it to how I run my own business.
But hey if it wasn’t for the advice and tools I’ve gathered from many many resources, I probably wouldn’t be 28 years old with no mortgage on my principal residence and having several of income properties and some amaze ball tenants (who all paid during both lockdowns).
So thank you, Maria!!!!!! I still have a lot of work ahead for sure to where I want to be, but hey if I didn’t follow some tools and tricks from people like Maria…. I wouldn’t be close to what I have today.
Maria is smart. And she offers some great free advice to on-top of her paid sessions.
Knowledge is power and you can’t knock someone for asking for monetary consideration for their time and advice (lawyers, motivational speakers, personal trainers do the same thing). You also have the power to remove yourself from a group (or any situation for that matter) if you don’t agree with something….

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Sick and Tired of Bad Tenants? Deserve Better?

5-Star Tenant Mini Course Boot Camp Are you sick and tired of getting bad tenants in your homes? Tired of the destruction of your very valuable property, and of the abuse you have to suffer by some of your tenants? The worst thing of all is not getting paid rent for months at a time. Do you think you deserve better but don’t know where to start?
Choosing Your Next Problem Free Tenant” Choosing the right tenant is the key to your real estate success. Yet there are so many landlords who have not chosen the best tenant to rent their homes to and that causes endless days of angry emails, texts, sleepless nights. Rental properties need to be problem free and this starts by getting the right tenant in the right home in the 1st place. Learn in one month how to choose your next quality tenant.
Learn the 7 most important questions and statements that will prevent your “professional tenant” from choosing your place as their next hangout.
The “professional tenant” will self eliminate and look for their next victim. These are tried and true proven strategies that work every time!! Get an edge over your competition and have easy going and problem free tenants. Don’t you think you deserve that?

The 4-Week Mini Bootcamp consists of:

Weekly 2 Hours Self Study content with videos,  exercises to practice, where your individual questions are answered along with problem solving exercises

1 session of one on one Coaching in 1 month

Private Facebook Group with handy resources and exercises

Videos shared with Tips of finding the right tenant

For more information call 437-600-6860  or fill in this registration form: https://forms.gle/YWykVomHjXngDzDq7

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Toronto Apartment Rents Tumble a 50-year-High. Is Airbnb to Blame for This?


Toronto apartment rents tumble as vacancy rates hit a 50-year High

Toronto Apartment Rents Tumble a 50-year High, many ask is Airbnb to Blame for This Tumble?   Or are there a few underlying factors the cause of this financial tumble? 

This tumble started to happen when Airbnb got out of the Short Term Rental Business in Toronto.  The City of Toronto, made it illegal to host guests outside of your home.  The condo boards, also blacklisted running Airbnb in certain condo buildings.  So this tsunami of changes fueled the decline of the condo’s being a profitable real estate investments. 
Also let’s not forget that Covid-19 and the Coronavirus has a part to play in the fall of the condo market rents and the sales of the condos.
This tsunami happened when too many investors got into the Short Term Rental (STR) (Airbnb) business. Every investor needs to diversify into both Short Term Rentals and Long Term Rentals. That’s been the secret to my real estate success since 2000!!
I was one of the few investors in the marketplace who was diversified in 2000. With the advent of Airbnb then others got involved. But the other investors again forgot to diversify and now have to sell their properties at a loss. They didn’t do their homework, they only saw short term gain and not long term business strategy.  Read the great article below!!

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4 Successful Real Estate Investing Tips for 2021 with Maria Rekrut

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